Are you an Olympian?

I’m not sure if you’ve been watching the Olympics this week or not, but I have… and we’ve also been down to the Olympic Park as well. This was cool, but we’ve also got tickets to the Stadium next week where we hope to see Usain Bolt win the 200 metre final on Thursday night! We’ve got front row seats…

Anyway, I’ve been watching pretty much everything this week and one thing keeps cropping up over and over again.

The dedication shown by an Olympian is immense. In some instances they have worked for 4 years, just for a chance to win a medal!! Now that’s dedication and in all examples it is down to hard work as well.

Can you imagine someone just turning up, zero training, zero practice at their event and “giving it a go”. Not only would it be dangerous in most cases, but they wouldn’t stand a chance…

Sure, you can do some events with natural talent, but it’s the training and the hours of practice that mean an Olympian is the best they can possibly be.

Usain Bolt was naturally fast as a teenager, but it wasn’t until he started to work with a trainer, bulked up and worked hard that we became a dominant force as a sprinter – the training being the most crucial part and point here.

So, my question to you is a simple one…

Are you treating your business like an Olympian?

I know that I do. I constantly work on improving my business. I am constantly looking to tweak and improve things. The advantage of having a business that can be automated is obvious, but it doesn’t mean that I haven’t put the work in at some point.

I worked very hard to set-up my business, to learn the basics, to test new strategies and systems… until I found what worked for me.

Yet, it staggers me how many people expect to start an internet business today and make money tomorrow. It just doesn’t happen. You need to be real, you need to treat this like a business and you need to put the work in and learn how everything works…

In short, like an Olympian, you need to work at it.

For those that want to get started with my introductory training package go here to see what you will be learning and what it can do for you:

AIS Seminar – 5th & 6th of June

An amazing weekend – The Automated Income Stream Seminar hosted by Chris Cobb at The Olympia Conference Centre – loads of positive feedback, testimonials and success stories from this event.

This is only the second event that we’ve put together and with over 350 attendees over the weekend it was a MASSIVE SUCCESS…

Future Internet Marketing millionaires – pictured below!


This was a totally focused event – on getting people started and keeping things simple. No BS, no HYPE, just step-by-step content, guidance and PROVEN systems that everyone can copy.

I will be conducting online surveys again before my future events because it allows me to give attendees exactly what they need in order to get started – or even grow what they have…

This time was all about FREE Traffic and List Building.

And we only covered a few techniques and systems over the weekend!!

I already have some great ideas for the next event.

These events are a lot of work to plan, put together and then deliver. It has taken a lot out of my team and my friends and family that helped out over the weekend. We are just so pleased that everyone enjoyed the weekend event, appreciated the hard work we put in and, more importantly, get excited enough to TAKE ACTION…

Chris Cobb – LIVE – May 8th Event

WOW! What a fantastic day we had yesterday… Not only did I have a long queue of attendees thanking me for setting up the event, but my inbox is full this morning as well!! Check out some of the feeback below and how you make sure to be invited to the next event. Provisionally arranged for June 5th-6th… “I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks again for such an exciting and informative day yesterday, I’m really glad I made the time and effort to attend. It’s a real eye opener to see what’s available with an online business and listen to such motivational speakers and successful entrepeneurs as yourself and Saj.” Steve W. “Just wanted to fire off this quick email to say a BIG thankyou for taking the time to set up the meeting and it was a great day!” Gary “It was good to meet with you yesterday, and Thank you for sharing with us, your success.” Kevin W. I will make sure that I get some video testimonials after the next event – we had planned to do this, but the event ran longer than we had planned and in the rush at the end we all forgot!!

Chris Cobb – Making Money Online

Chris Cobb here… and the purpose of this blog is to explain all about how my life has been completely changed through one thing… Internet Marketing When I first saw the possibilities online I was over £43,000 in personal debt – made up of loads, credit cards and basically trying to keep up with friends that were earning more money than I was! I got to the point where I could barely afford the monthly payments on these loans and credit cards each month and I simply had to do something to deal with the problem: I could bury my head in the sand and hope it went away… Or, I could do something about it. In fact, I scared myself into taking action, and I have never really looked back. And the purpose of this blog is to show you how I’ve managed to do this… and more importantly… how you can do the same. I look forward to helping you to succeed online and change your life just as I have done over the last few years!