Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate business model is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make a living online, and it’s a great way for any beginner to start.


Essentially it involves promoting OTHER PEOPLE’S PRODUCTS for commission, which means that you don’t have to worry about creating or sourcing your own products, handling payments or even dealing with customers.


In fact, all of the time-consuming administrative tasks are handled by the product owner himself and the affiliate network that the product is being sold through (which we’ll be discussing in just a moment)…


As a result, affiliate marketing has been growing in popularity in recent years as people have begun to realize just how profitable it can be, and just how little “work” is actually required to do it!


Many well-known internet marketers make thousands of dollars each and every day simply by sending out a few short emails to their lists of subscribers telling them about other people’s products!


So then, what exactly is affiliate marketing?


Ok then, in case you’re not completely sure, an affiliate program is basically an arrangement between a website/product owner and a marketer/affiliate (such as yourself) in which the marketer refers traffic (or potential customers) to the website of the product owner…


Then, if a customer that you send to the website buys the product, YOU get paid a commission on the sale by the website owner (or the affiliate network if one of these is being used).


Basically, an affiliate acts as a sales person for the site that they are sending traffic to. This referral process works by using specially coded links that enable the product owner to track which particular affiliate referred each prospect.


And starting up an affiliate business is very straightforward. All you need to is this:


  • Build a website or have one created for you…
  • Register with an affiliate program that’s related to your website…
  • Generate as much traffic as you can to your site…
  • Direct your visitors towards the affiliate program via a “tracked” link…
  • Encourage your visitors to buy the product(s) in question!


And that’s it!


If you can successfully follow these steps, your website visitors will purchase products through your affiliate link and you’ll receive commission!


Affiliate marketing isn’t a new concept either. In fact, there are hundreds of big name companies taking advantage of the potential “leads that an average person can generate. 


In fact, if you visit virtually any big retail site, you’ll be able to find a link at the bottom of the page enabling you to join their affiliate program. is perhaps the most well known of these.


So then, where should you be looking for the very best affiliate products?


Well, you can sign up to a variety of affiliate programs from many big-name companies, and if that interests you then I suggest you have a look around on Google for a suitable program that matches your chosen niche.


However, the best route for a “newbie” affiliate as far as I’m concerned is to sign up with an affiliate network. Although there are many, I’d recommend that you focus on the following three, as I’ve found these to be the best…


Affiliate networks like these have made it so much easier to profit online. If you wanted to sell one of your products online a few years ago, you would have had to set up your own merchant account and credit card processing system, while finding people to promote YOUR product was incredibly difficult.


Basically, you were on your own!


These days however, affiliate networks like those above handle all of this for you, allowing you to leverage on the income potential of thousands of other affiliates in the process…


Essentially, they all act as a third party between the affiliate and the vendor, and provide the services required for both of these parties to prosper…


And all of these companies allow you to sign-up quickly and easily and provide you with thousands of products that you can promote for commission.


The difference between independent affiliate programs and affiliate networks like ClickBank and Commission Junction is that you will be paid your commissions from the affiliate network rather than direct from the companies that you are selling the products for. This is both safer and more reliable.


Affiliate networks really make things easy for you. Joining one affiliate network like ClickBank, for instance, can give you access to thousands of different products and services to market, all under one roof.


As a result, you only have one website to refer to, one affiliate ID and one password to remember in order to access thousands of products that you can market – automatically.


So there you go!


Whether it’s selling your own digital information products, or selling other people’s products as an affiliate, it’s a lot easier to make money online that you might think…


And remember, the most important thing is that you MUST TAKE ACTION and get started, whichever option you choose… Because once you do, you’ll realize that working from home – and being your own boss – is the greatest thing you’ll ever do!