AIS Seminar – 5th & 6th of June

An amazing weekend – The Automated Income Stream Seminar hosted by Chris Cobb at The Olympia Conference Centre – loads of positive feedback, testimonials and success stories from this event.

This is only the second event that we’ve put together and with over 350 attendees over the weekend it was a MASSIVE SUCCESS…

Future Internet Marketing millionaires – pictured below!


This was a totally focused event – on getting people started and keeping things simple. No BS, no HYPE, just step-by-step content, guidance and PROVEN systems that everyone can copy.

I will be conducting online surveys again before my future events because it allows me to give attendees exactly what they need in order to get started – or even grow what they have…

This time was all about FREE Traffic and List Building.

And we only covered a few techniques and systems over the weekend!!

I already have some great ideas for the next event.

These events are a lot of work to plan, put together and then deliver. It has taken a lot out of my team and my friends and family that helped out over the weekend. We are just so pleased that everyone enjoyed the weekend event, appreciated the hard work we put in and, more importantly, get excited enough to TAKE ACTION…

6 comments to AIS Seminar – 5th & 6th of June

  • Asim Waheed

    A value adding seminar, with clear concise information coming from experienced marketers who have been there and done. A lot to take on for anyone new but if you focus on just one thing to begin with..listen, learn and most importantly APPLY anything is possible.

    Thank you Chris, Saj, Stuart, Tom and Mili!!

    Great work

    **look out for the next event people**

  • A truly life changing delivery of information from some phenomenal speakers who have been there and done i! Loads to take on board but the possibility to take one step at a time and achieve instant success. Thanks to you Chris, Stuart, Tom, Mili & Saj and all the guys behind the scenes.

    As we said what needs doing after the delivery of all the information is some BLT with Fries – Believe . Learn . Take Action & Focus

    To everyone’s success and look forward to the next one!

    Chris & Susan

  • Hi Chris,

    Can’t thank you enough for the invitation to the event and if anyone is reading this and wondering if a ‘Chris Cobb Event’ is worth going to … YES!

    I already understand a fair amount about the making money online ‘process’ and am not a total newbie but this weekend confirmed to me that I come under the category of an ‘internet dabbler’ as I have a LOT of the pieces of the internet jigsaw mapped out in my mind but I am guilty of jumping around online and not putting a lot into effect.

    I’ve been online since 1996 (how time flies!) and just by accident I found my very first website (archived) a few days ago which has been languishing in cyberspace now for many years with most of the links dead and useless.

    I also found some old emails we had bounced back and forth from mid 2004 while I was having a tidy up on one of my many email addresses (which of course I never followed up) so I think the weekend confirmed to me that I’ve got to now stop messing about and FOCUS on one thing only.

    So this is it … TODAY is the start of my internet TAKE ACTION journey and you are going to mentor me ! :-)

    No if’s, no but’s no maybe’s … my first goal is $5,000 per month (minimum) by 31/12/2010 and I know that following your guidance and taking action will help me achieve that !

    Gary Aiken

  • Guy Wigley-Smith

    Hi Chris,

    WOW! What an event and I have been to a few over the years. No hype, No BS just straight talking and information that was clear, concise and to the point.

    I have been guilty of wandering and not concentrating on one aspect until I have got it right, but thanks to this event, you have concentrated my thinking as well as making a few pennies drop.

    To anyone out there, if you get the opportunity to attend a Chris Cobb event, Do It. Cancel whatever you have got planned and go – I promise you, it’s worth it. The information you get is priceless.

    Chris, I am looking forward to your next event as I know that it will be packed with masses of information and superb speakers.

    Thanks to you Chris, Stuart, Mili, Tom & Saj and everybody else who worked behind the scenes to make this event the massive hit it was.

    This was one weekend I won’t forget in a hurry.

    Guy Wigley-Smith

  • What a great weekend.I too had almost all the pieces of the jigsaw.. now I have enough to get going on clickbank THANKYOU everyone, especially Chris. p.s. The bonus Chris has just sent us seems to have everything we need! Life can change very soon!

  • PPS … just found this great quote that sums up where I am now after attending your seminar … I am awake at last and not just dreaming ! :-)

    “Some people dream of success … others wake up and work hard at it”

    (Author Unknown)