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WOW! What a fantastic day we had yesterday… Not only did I have a long queue of attendees thanking me for setting up the event, but my inbox is full this morning as well!! Check out some of the feeback below and how you make sure to be invited to the next event. Provisionally arranged for June 5th-6th… “I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks again for such an exciting and informative day yesterday, I’m really glad I made the time and effort to attend. It’s a real eye opener to see what’s available with an online business and listen to such motivational speakers and successful entrepeneurs as yourself and Saj.” Steve W. “Just wanted to fire off this quick email to say a BIG thankyou for taking the time to set up the meeting and it was a great day!” Gary “It was good to meet with you yesterday, and Thank you for sharing with us, your success.” Kevin W. I will make sure that I get some video testimonials after the next event – we had planned to do this, but the event ran longer than we had planned and in the rush at the end we all forgot!!

7 comments to Chris Cobb – LIVE – May 8th Event

  • Darren

    Hey wat a great day ! I really enjoyed it. Found major parts of it very informative, it was split into many good sections and gave very helpfull hints as to were novices such as myself are going wrong.

    Please more of the same !

  • sri


    Thank you for arranging saturday.There was lots of valuable info that i took away and am now trying to implement.Also thank you to your guest speaker who was also shared and imparted some great tactics.One thing i took most was that with a bit of time and effort on our part we can all achieve what you have done.I got your course towards the end of last year and i made it a goal to meet you on my vision baord within 6 months and to work with you within 12 months.I now know that this will be very achievalbe before the year is out ,thank for sharing powerfull information


  • One of the best aspects to the day was the clear manner in which things were explained as of course some of the subject matter can quickly become mind numbingly confusing.

    From a personal perspective I was pleased and motivated that I actually understood all of it even though I must admit have a very long way to go towards implementing a lot of the strategies and methods shown :-)

    Hopefully by the next time I can attend another meeting I will have progressed a lot further thanks to the great tips and information I learned from Chris and Saj P on the day so thanks again.

    If anyone reading this is wondering who Chris Cobb is … do yourself a BIG favour and find out ! :-)

    All the best,

  • WOW!

    To think that on Thursday I almost called to say I couldn’t make it as my car had just broken down!

    I am sooo glad I didn’t and that Phil and I managed to get ourselves out of bed at 5am to drive to Windsor from Exeter.

    I had wanted to meet Chris since taking his Automated Income Streams home study course, which by the way is the best course I have bought, bar none – and I have bought courses from some VERY big names let me tell you!

    I thought the day was fantastic. The info was presented in a clear, easy to follow manner and with absolutely no BS and no hype (well almost, ;-) )

    Just two of the tips we picked up I just know are going to reap massive rewards – I have already implemented one of them.

    Chris is a true enthusiast and very humble to boot. When he started to well up when telling us about a conversation he had with his mother I knew that there was no other person I needed to have as a mentor. This guy is absolutely one of a kind.

    Chris, you are an absolute star and we are so excited at the prospect of working with you.

    Oh yeah Saj was ok as well.

    No seriously, I have sat up until 3am on webinars to hear Saj speak so you can take it as read that I was blown away when I found out that he was your guest speaker. His explanation of banner ads and “media buys” was great and is something which I will implement before the end of the week.

    All in all an absolutely fantastic day and well worth the six hours of driving!

    More please Mr Cobb!

    Paul & Phil

    p.s. when I said that Phil and I dragged ourselves out of bed I want to make it clear we were not in the same bed!!! LoL

  • Liz Gordon

    Thanks for a great day last Saturday and much stimulating information. All your preparation and hard work gratefully received and I hope for other opportunities to meet with you in the future. You have so much to teach us! Liz

  • Hi Chris , a great weekend.I like your laid back style and your sense of purpose.The quality of speakers was excellent.

    I am looking forward to the next one.


  • Gill

    Hi Chris

    I had reached such a low ebb with my efforts at online marketing. This was my first seminar. I have been awakened, totally inspired and awe struck at the potential that this industry has to offer. The speakers were enitrely motivating & hats off to them for what they have achieved. Last but not least A Big Thanks to you Chris for putting this together and sharing your experience. My wish now is to fulfil my dereams and drive this great opportunity forward & ideally to also be an inspiration to others! God bless you & all that you do. Gill