Chris Cobb - Internet Marketer

Chris Cobb is a normal guy – turned Internet Marketer…

After seeing the power of the Internet, I focused on developing as many Income Streams as I posibly could online. This includes many different markets – where I sell both my own products and also other people’s products for affiliate commissions.

I like to think that I’m always ahead of the curve. I started using Google AdWords over 4 years ago now and was soon to jump onto the CPA Networks as soon as I heard about them!

I am also what’s referred to as a Super Affiliate…

I also now work with a team of people – all of which earn money as we build the business. I have many affiliates and many Joint Venture partners and I also train people to become Joint Venture partners as well.

Massive Success From Humble Beginnings:

I remember when I first started online. My girlfriend had bought me a PC, because I couldn’t afford one myself and I think we’d just been away on one of those package deal holidays, because I couldn’t afford anything else!

Life was a bit miserable… and I wanted so much more…

I tried all sorts of stuff online, jumping from one thing to the next… before I made the breakthrough!

The breakthrough was finding myself a mentor and following in his footsteps – copying a proven system and method for making money online… and I have never looked back…

I will be posting more on this blog – showing you how I started and how you can do the same…

AIS Home Study Course

If you’re looking for a comprehensive training package to help you start making big money online, then the AIS Home Study Course is exactly what you need!

Doing what I do, I’ve seen a lot of internet marketing products and training programs in the past and noticed that many of them had the same flaws – information overload and lack of structure.

I wanted to create a training program that didn’t fall into this trap, and in essence, would actually work! I wanted to create a program that would teach my students, step-by-step, how to build an online business from the ground up, and in a truly sustainable manner.

Through my own experiences, as well as speaking to my students and other internet marketers, it became clear that many other programs available online did nothing more than just throw endless amounts of information at people. There wasn’t any “training” at all, just a giant information dump that people couldn’t really use.

My goal was to create a true learning experience that would help the people not only understand the information contained, but actually give them the tools to implement it so that they could achieve the same results that I had.

And So The AIS Home Study Course Was Born!

The AIS Home Study Course is a definitive guide to setting up an online business and making real money online. Subscribers receive access to their very own members’ area upon signing up, which is password protected.

Each month, new modules are unlocked, along with a related DVD recording. The course lasts for a full year (if people choose to continue with it) and consists of 18 written modules and DVDs.

Naturally, the training begins by showing people exactly how to get started online, such as creating a website, choosing a domain name and hosting provider, and setting up their own online business.

It then progresses through to more advanced areas, such as market and product selection, automating your business, list building, promoting your website via both free and paid traffic generation methods, affiliate marketing, writing profit-pulling sales letters, joint venturing, and much more besides!

The step-by-step nature is perfect for beginners who can often become overloaded with too much information – which as I said, is a downside so often encountered with many internet marketing courses.

The aim of The AIS Home Study Course is to provide people with a realistic and honest way of achieving financial independence, as quickly as possible.

So if that sounds like something you’d like to try, take a look here: Chris Cobb